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Colour and design trends of the Heimtextil 2018

In Frankfurt nearly 3,000 international exhibitors presented their latest styles, colours and designs for textile interiors in Frankfurt. Pastel with a prospect of purple, blue classics, green tones and lush plant and leaf motifs as well as black and shimmer are the trends of the season. Graphic patterns, the new ethno style, handmade looks and haptic structures play with trendy colour worlds.

Pastel with a prospect of purple
Powdery tones in combination with mostly light natural materials provide a relaxed, open cosiness. The palette ranges from delicate rosé, lilac and coral, and sand, grey and nude to pastel aqua and petrol varieties. These soft nuances are underpinned by clear lines, velvety surfaces, shine and sensual structures. In amongst these, the harbingers of a somewhat livelier world of colours announce themselves. In this world, tones such as apricot, berry, pink and mint look as if they have been given a boost and appear fresh and vital. Having already made its entrance to the world of fashion, purple also reinvents itself and runs the gamut from lilac and lavender tones to dark ultraviolet.

Blue classics
At the same time, the classic indigo blue continues to develop into a cool trendy colour. Typical designs here include e.g. new interpretations of traditional patterns, batik looks and washes that convey the impression of something being handmade. The mix of blue and natural tones has a particularly original effect on raw textiles, which contrasts the general digitalisation of life with the charm of the imperfect. Also on the rise are denim fabrics that sometimes give the interior a casual touch.

Green comes up trumps
In the urban jungle, lush green tones and lush plant and leaf motifs create a pure feeling of nature. Typical are tendrils, ferns, palm fronds, cacti or free botanical forms, often against a black background. The green colour scheme is interrupted by subtle berry and rose tones.

Black and shimmer effects
Black provides targeted modern accents across all colour trends. In combination with gold and meadowlark, a cool sunny yellow, it unveils its exclusive effect in graphic designs. The use of metallic shine is omnipresent. This not only gives the different styles an exquisite touch, but also elegantly brightens up darker wallpapers or curtains.

Casual designs
Graphic patterns are and remain in vogue. In amongst the many elements borrowed from the 1950s and Art Deco, there is increasing inspiration mixed in from a new ethno style that is young and fresh. Faded patterns, melanges, handmade and used looks as well as impulsive designs that look as if they have been applied with thick brushes have an artistic to casual appearance.

More structure
Structures that offer a very haptic experience and appeal to the senses remain a trend. In this respect, there are no limits to the ideas and the ways they can be implemented. On display at Heimtextil were grained and openwork surfaces, leaf structures as well as artistic graphic patterns or nature-inspired 3D effects on rough and high-gloss fabrics. The play with opposites, such as coarse and fine, matt and smooth, transparent and opaque, creates suspense.

Stefan Jakob

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