‘Thomas Overesch Schöner Leben’: loose-knit fabrics for the home

Thomas Overesch has a weak spot for wool and particularly for all its chunky qualities. In his ‘Thomas Overesch Schöner Leben’ collection, Overesch, who has chosen to make his home in Berlin, offers loose-knit fabrics for lampshades, cushion covers, blankets, throws and accessories.  With it all, however, the designer’s use of colour remains always discreetly elegant. “My colours are chosen to enable the individual items from the collection to be very easily integrated in existing interiors. I love blue, green, grey, beige and white – the colours of the north,” says the designer.
And indeed the North of Europe inspires him more than the South. He studied fashion and industrial design in Hamburg, worked for a musical publisher and broadcaster, ran a wine retail business and then finally, somewhat unexpectedly, found his way, via Athens, to Berlin. He has now developed a passion for knitwear and, with great verve, has turned to creating wonderful, sumptuous knitted items for the home. His style may be described as ‘Scandinavian country-house’. It is both rustic and elegant at the same time – and there is a hint of luxury which suffuses the pure wool.

“Every product is a statement in favour of taste and opulence,” says the designer, describing his work. “There is something very cosy about the loose-knit design, it creates a sense of comfort,” continues Thomas Overesch – a man who always knits the prototypes for his collection himself. He can easily spend 100 hours on a bedspread, for instance. “If I then want to transfer to longer product runs, I have to be able to explain to my production partners exactly what I want. That only works, if I have tried it out in advance,” says Thomas Overesch.

He has spread the production over a number of small manufacturing companies in Berlin. Overesch buys the wool from a supplier in Southern Germany, who sources the raw material mainly in Europe and the Alpine regions. Wherever possible, the wool for the ‘Thomas Overesch Leben’ collection is coloured with natural dyes and is left unfinished.  As a result, a natural product – in this case wool – really does remain ‘natural’. At the up-coming Heimtextil, Thomas Overesch will be presenting a number of new products. For the 2015 collection, the coarse-knit wool will be embroidered with silk or taffeta – which results in an exciting dialogue between the two.

‘Thomas Overesch Schöner Leben’ will be exhibiting at the up-coming Heimtextil in the new&next section in Hall 11.

Kerstin Böhning

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