Thorough refurbishment of Queen Mary 2

New on board: bed-head components and chair covers by Hornschuch

There are many cruise ships, but the Queen Mary 2, the flagship of the Cunard Line, is in a league of her own.

The vessel, launched by Queen Elizabeth, is one of the most famous of the present day, and since 2008 has been the last liner to make scheduled Atlantic voyages. Now, following the most thorough refurbishment of the Queen Mary 2 so far, there are many bed-head components and chair covers on board for which Hornschuch, via its sales partner Malone Fabrics, supplied its well-tested skai materials.

Within just three weeks some 40,000 sqm of carpet were laid, 6,500 pieces of furniture and 4,000 new pictures were taken on board. The line spent EUR 50 million on this general overhaul, to provide its guests with even more outstanding comforts. In response to increased demand, for example, not only were ten new cages added to the ship’s unique “canine hotel”, but also 15 outside cabins for single travellers. Following rebuilding, 172 suites provide more space and the first-class restaurants more tables for two.

Hornschuch has made a certain contribution to the first-class furnishings of the ocean liner. No less than 1,220 metres of “skai Shoshagro EN”, an extravagant material, were ordered by MJM, the company in charge of refurbishing the interior, for bed-heads in the Britannia Club suites. Like the skin of a manta-ray, the surface’s “manta-ray look” attracts the viewer through a fine, irregular structure. A cool and futuristic effect, by contrast, comes from “skai Tokio EN”, which has been used for some chairs. A highly precise laser-etching process provides a detailed and contoured cross-hatch look, which takes the metallic trend to the ultimate. Inspired by a technical structure in the automotive industry, exactitude at the nano-level leads to the deceptively genuine, perfectly encapsulated result, and the metallic colours alter the refraction each time the perspective is changed.

For all those who will not have a close opportunity of experiencing these materials in their stylish ambience, during the seven-day passage from Southampton to New York for instance, or on another cruise on the Queen Mary 2, the best thing will be a visit to Heimtextil, Hornschuch will be present there on two stands.

Hornschuch is exhibiting at Heimtextil 2017 in hall 4.0 stand D15 and in hall 5.1 stand A71.


Heike Gessulat

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