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Bei der Bettwäsche Noble Stripes von Fischbacher werden durch ein Effektgarn zart strukturierte Längestreifen auf dicht gewebtem Baumwollsatin gebildet.

For the ‘Noble Stripes’ bed linen from Fischbacher, effect yarn creates delicately textured long stripes on densely woven wool satin.

Scandinavian romanticism and a fresh combination of colours that sometimes appear to be paradox at first inspire manufacturers to create new designs. Another trend has little to do with design and is all about the texture of textiles in the bathroom: lighter towels, which are nevertheless highly absorbent, as a result of the use of new yarns, for instance. Not an unimportant point, because lighter towels save space in the washing machine and so save both energy and money as well.

People don’t change wallpaper as often as they do towels, but for a number of establishments in the upper segment, changing wallpaper does, from time to time, find its way onto the agenda. Here, too, there are many different trends. Elke Pfeiffer from wallpaper manufacturers Rasch elaborates on the broad range of themes for this autumn: nature, travel, optical illusions / pop art / neon and Scandinavian romanticism. “Of continuing importance, as always, are lots of different woods, stones and animal-skin patterns. Painterly textures and hand-painted flowers are becoming more and more the trend. New designs include barcode stripes, birds and feathers, moss and African motifs. Romantic little rose patterns and airy stripes stand in contrast to industrial surfaces of metal and concrete.” When it comes to colours, Rasch are pinning their hopes on aubergine tones with copper on black & white, on neon colours, glitter and metallic backgrounds, pastel shades, greige, mauve and light mandarin, as well, surprisingly, as green: “Green, as a colour, is very much on the way up.”

The French textile company Élitis, too, are banking on natural materials and an exotic feel for their vinyl wallpapers in the ‘Eldorado’ collection. There is ‘Isola’, for example – a wallpaper, which, in terms of colour and texture, takes its cue from dried banana leaves, or ‘Belize’ a wallpaper that has a naturally worn and bleached look.

But there are other wall coverings from Élitis – or rather wall adornments for rooms where a great deal of drama is required: wall coverings that have a metallic or mother-of-pearl lustre, or that are pleated like extravagant evening wear. So there are really no limits for creative hoteliers using textiles to stage interesting interiors for their rooms.

Katrin Rieppel / Natascha Ziltz

Stefan Jakob

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