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Poetry on linnen made in Sweden: Acqua Vireo

Messages for life adorn Aqua Vireo’s cushions and upholstery: “Love Me More”, “Live Your Dreams Wisely”, “C’est la Vie” or even “Älska Skimra Njuta Drömma Leva” (which is Swedish for: “love, enjoy, dream, live”). These little formulas for day-to-day living and other designs with a minimalist touch are printed by the Swedish company on fine linen in naturally soft colours. Their range includes bed linens, curtains, cushions, table linens, towels and laundry bags as well as fabric wall coverings, and will be shown at Heimtextil in 2013 for the first time. The company is young and dynamic.

In Sweden and Scandinavia, Aqua Vireo’s products are available from over 100 sales partners. Initial contacts have also been formed in Germany and the UK. Aqua Vireo is Latin, meaning “fresh water”. That refers not only to the refreshing nature of the designs, but also the environmentally friendly way that the products are manufactured. Aqua Vireo products are made exclusively in Sweden. “That has to do with our standard of quality – and that short supply chains mean not wasting time and energy with transport,” explains Madeleine Slater from Aqua Vireo Marketing. The linen they work with is OEKO-TEX 100 certified, a designation awarded to textiles tested for harmful substances.

Swedish design is known for its clean lines and natural colours. That is also reflected in Aqua Vireo’s products. “New designs often emerge when we get new linen. We look to its structure or natural colouring for inspiration,” explains Slater. In total Aqua Vireo can work in over 30 different colour shades, so they can meet just about any colour preferences their clients might have. They also produce motifs in very small limited editions. The designs are made by hand or screen-printed which means that each is a unique piece or part of a small individual series. At Heimtextil 2013, the Swedish start-up company will be presented as part of the New & Next programme.

Kerstin Böhning

Kerstin Böhning

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