Toyobo: High-tech Fibers from Japan

A new fiber technology made by Toyobo, Japan

A new fiber technology made by Toyobo, Japan

The full name of the Japanese fiber manufacturer is Tôyôbôseki Kabushikigaisha, which means “Eastern Spinning Joint Stock Company”. The company was founded as a spinning mill in 1882 and has since then continuously developed into a specialist firm for – chemical – fiber technology. Today, Toyobo Corporation is a multinational group of companies with over 10,000 employees and 53 subsidiaries in 14 countries and ranks among Japan’s leading manufacturers of fibers, textiles and polymers.

Toyobo also makes high-grade resins, technical plastics, membranes, filters, enzymes, diagnostics and other pharmaceutical products. These very different areas of production are based on the company’s expert knowledge in the field of synthetic fiber technology.

At the coming Heimtextil the German subsidiary, Toyobo Europe GmbH, will present the fiber-braid structure Breathair. Comprising the two words, breath and air, the name stands for outstanding breathability. In other words, a fiber that breathes? Yes, these are the very properties that distinguish the product and are sure to attract great visitor interest at the fair in January. Breathair is an innovative cushion material with a three-dimensional loop structure made of elastic polyester and suitable for use in many different fields. Thanks to its great breathability, the material is ideal for mattresses, upholstery and pillows – inter alia, because body moisture is wicked away efficiently. Moreover, the material is hydrophobic and dries quickly, thus making it perfect for use in the nursing and outdoor fields. But that’s not all: Breathair is light, which makes it the product of choice for upholstery in aircraft or high-speed trains. The material has been used in Japan since 1994 and can be found for instance in mattresses, train seats, motorcycle seats, children’s seats and strollers.

By taking part in Heimtextil 2015, Toyobo aims to make the versatile cushion material better known in Europe. Starting from Toyobo Europe GmbH as its European head office, the company plans to open new representative offices in Frankfurt, Italy and Spain in the coming months: Toyobo goes Europe! In this way, the former spinning mill has developed into a multinational company that, even so, has not yet exploited the potential of chemical fibers to the full and is sure to have more exciting new products up its corporate sleeve!

Toyobo Europe GmbH will exhibit at Heimtextil 2015 in hall 8.0, stand E 51.

Kerstin Böhning

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