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An insight into product design at Portugal’s Lameirinho

Lameirinho is one of Europe’s leading home-textile manufacturers. The company’s high standards of quality are also reflected by the elegant designs of its bed and table linen. In our interview, marketing manager Tania Lima explains how the Lameirinho design team works with the prognoses of the Trend Book for product design and collection development.

Ms Lima, the designers of Lameirinho use the Heimtextil Trend Book in their work on new collections. What do you particularly appreciate about this source of inspiration?
The Lameirinho design team uses the trend book in the middle stage of collection development. Using the Trend Book, we try to organise our proposals in accordance with its themes and colour palettes. We endeavour to have a selection of different proposals with different approaches in terms of fabrics, designs and making-up effects. By using the book, we find inspiration to diversify our offer.

How are the numerous details in the Trend Book specifically incorporated into the productive processes?
The selection of the colours for printing the designs are inspired by the Trend Book. We also obtain inspiration for texture ideas, the visual impact of the fabric finish and the printing patterns.

Alexandra Mendes (links) and Cristina Queiros work with the trend book.

Which trend do you see as particularly strong next year?
In our opinion, the focus will be on soft and neutral colours next year. Because of the constant and quick changes taking place worldwide, we feel that people are seeking peaceful and calm environments. The textures and making-up details make the difference. We will see design printed in textures to enrich concepts. The balance between the textures and the designs chosen for printing on the fabrics are of extreme importance for the elegance of the proposal. The protection of the environment and the concern for well-being will still be important trend lines. Recycled yarns, natural fibres, controlled production processes supported by certifications will continue to be a major trend orientation.

Note: The Trend Book 2019/2020 is available online!

Stefan Jakob

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