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Discover the worldwide innovation, Sleeperoo, at Heimtextil

“The night, the place and you” is the slogan of Sleeperoo, an unusual worldwide innovation for the hotel industry, which has already caused excitement on the entrepreneurs’ show ‘The Lion’s Den – Die Höhle der Löwen‘. The sleep capsule or ‘Sleep Cube’ makes it possible to experience a night in the most exotic of places. The modern version of a tent can be erected in almost any location – outside and inside. Sleeperoo’s founder and CEO Karen Löhnert will be presenting her innovative idea for overnight stays in the ‘Sleep! The Future Forum’ arena.

In the Sleep Cube, you sleep on a comfortable 1.6 metre wide and 2.0 metre long mattress that can accommodate two adults. The cube is made entirely of sustainably produced materials and it is equipped with cosy blankets, pillows and romantic lighting.

Three large panoramic windows provide a view of the surroundings and the sky above, making the Sleeperoo experience completely unique. Before you go to sleep, you get a view of mountains, the sea, a starry sky or, according to users’ tastes, a church altar, museum exhibition pieces, or chic luxury cars in a car showroom.

The founder of Sleeperoo will be talking about how professionalism and ambition enabled a successful start-up in the travel industry to develop from a crazy idea. This will take place in the lecture arena, ‘Sleep! The Future Forum’, in the foyer of Hall 11.0, within the new ‘Sleep’ trade fair concept at Heimtextil in Frankfurt.

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Nina Jung

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