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Foto: ReCLOTHINGS / Achim Hatzius

Every week clothing is destroyed by the container load in Germany; work clothing accounts for a significant part of this. Painting smocks, work suits and overalls are thrown away after about 30 washes. The garments usually end up being burned or shredded, or used for things such as cleaning rags. Daniel Kroh is showing us that there is an alternative. Under the brand name ReClothings, the Berlin-based tailor and fashion designer creates clothing and furnishings out of workwear. And every piece is one of a kind.

Foto: ReCLOTHINGS / Dario Srbic

Sofas, stools, benches and chaise longues ? Daniel Kroh fashions individual pieces of furniture out of sleeves, trouser legs, front and back parts or pockets. Worn areas or paint stains are deliberately integrated as design elements to lend each piece a personalised note. “Glaziers rest windowpanes on their upper legs, which creates fine slits. Painters create a work of art on their overalls. Embers land on a welder’s clothing. Those moments, those traces are things that I would like to preserve with my design pieces,” says Kroh. His “Hard Working Furniture” series is distinguished by unique lines and the robust sturdy textiles and other materials it is made of. Alongside his approach to design, the issue of sustainability plays an important role: instead of down-cycling, Kroh up-cycles and gives “rubbish” a new lease of life.

From humble beginnings to resounding success

ReClothings has partnered with Karl Emillio Pircher and Fidel Peugeot from Viennese design studio Walking-Chair. They constructed the first prototypes in 2007 to present in their gallery. They then joined forces with the Vienna-based manufacturer Kohlmaier to produce their first series. In addition to furniture, ReClothings also creates women’s and men’s clothing following the same principles.Fotos: ReCLOTHINGS / Achim Hatzius

In the interior design scene, ReClothings is still an insider’s secret, but that could all change quite soon in light of the current exhibition entitled “At your Service – Art and the Working World” at the Museum of Technology in Vienna. From 23 March 2012 to 3 March 2013, international artists will be showing their exhibits. They will be brilliantly showcased on 53 different pieces of furniture by ReClothing.


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