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Upcycling Fashion Store in Berlin

With the “Young Creations Award Upcycling”, Heimtextil leads in mind, what can be made from recycled materials (see article below). In shop construction upcycling is coming to play an ever more important role. Room dividers made of Euro palettes, clothes stands made of water pipes and windows that serve as tables – the Upcycling Fashion Store in Berlin has recently moved premises and demonstrates, in its new premises, just what is possible in the way of upcycling, not only in terms of fashion, but in terms, too, of store design.

What the Upcycling Store do in miniature, Timberland achieves on the grand scale. The company has tried, in as many of its shops as possible, to re-use old, discarded items and materials from the neighbourhood and to integrate them into the design – and that includes anything from old window shutters to parts of industrial machines. In the meantime, Timberland has had all its new shops LEED certified. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. They worked out a six-point plan, which covers location, water, energy, materials, environment and design.

The pioneers in fashion retail
The points indicate what sustainable building is all about: optimising the use of building materials and building components, whilst at the same time minimising consumption of electricity, heating energy, water and waste water. All in all, there should be as little burden on the environment as possible throughout all phases of a building’s life; and the latter should last as long as possible.

Concepts relating to “Green Buildings” and “Eco Design” arrived in the clothing retail sector some time ago. C&A opened its first eco store as much as five years ago. Numerous other retailers are working on similar concepts. One of the first fashion stores to be awarded the LEED Platinum Certificate was the Bershka store in Berlin in the spring of 2012. What made the Bershka store stand out was, amongst other things, a complete LED-based lighting system.

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