Use less, use better, use again

Planet Textiles: clever ideas for a sustainable industry

Copenhagen was the global meeting place with regard to sustainability and textiles last week. Organised by MCL News & Media, The Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Messe Frankfurt, the international Planet Textiles congress took place there on 11 May 2016.

One of the keynote speakers, Nike’s Cyrus Wadia, called for a more efficient use of resources. His appeal – “Use less, use better, use again!” – became one of the guiding principles of this year’s event. In line with this, particular emphasis was given to recycling, upcycling and the circular economy. Vivek Tandon of PerPETual illustrated the recycling of waste materials in his informative talk about producing high-quality yarns from PET bottles. Adam Werbach of Yerdle went a step further by calling for a re-use revolution and showing the around 400 international delegates a variety of recycling examples using textiles, consumer goods and commodities.

Among the other speakers taking part in Planet Textiles at the Copenhagen Concert House were experts from Cotton Australian, Ecoalf, H&M, Oekotex and Patagonia.

Stefan Jakob

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