Vandyck: made for women

High level sleeping

85 percent of their customers are women, aged between about 30 and 55. This is the target group that the Dutch bed-manufacturing company, Vandyck, have identified as their target group and for whom they have designed their products and customer advertising. It is clever, has great aesthetic appeal and, above all, the Dutch company have been really successful with the formula – since 1923, no less! Their range covers bed linen, quilts, bathrobes, towels and, this year, Vandyck are introducing their box-spring beds.

That neatly completes the range they have available. The company offers a ‘Shop & Store’ environment, which has been devised in collaboration with shop owners. An excellent mix of products-in-context and an appealing atmosphere contrives to make the purchase of bedding and bed-linen an all-round pleasurable experience. After all, it is not every day that one buys a high-quality bed and the appropriate bedding and accessories to go with it. And to include adherents of the digital revolution, Vandyke are also counting on some attractive online marketing for their products. The inventive founder of the company, Cornelis van Dijk, himself, would have undoubtedly taken great pleasure in this combination of ‘Clicks and Bricks’. He was an innovative and characterful businessman, who was already travelling round the world over 90 years ago to buy fabrics, carpets, rugs and coconut mats.

The world of Vandyck is open for visitors in Hall 11.0, C 49


Kerstin Böhning

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