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Are not all hand towels vegan? This is a question which many visitors to Heimtextil probably asked themselves whose attention was drawn eye-catchingly to the “Vegan Life” range on the Vossen stand. These products were the world’s first certified hand towels in the production of which no auxiliary materials of animal origin were used.

In the conventional manufacture of bathroom textiles many non-vegan materials are employed, e.g. in the form of simple wax for core production in the advanced weaving process. They are likewise used in detergents during wet finishing, in dyes, or as softeners for sewing yarns. Moreover animal fats are used for labels, in booklets, in packaging, and in adhesives. Vossen deliberately does without all these things in its “Vegan Life” range and has also had this certified.

The Vegan Label is an internationally recognised and protected trademark for labelling vegetarian and vegan products. The label accordingly guarantees that the article has been manufactured without animal contents or auxiliary materials. Nor are animal tests allowed, either for the product or for its components. Genetic engineering is likewise not allowed.

So this presentation by Vossen was more than just a PR gag. On the contrary, in this way the firm from Austria is responding to a major social development, which was also reflected in numerous “green” product presentations at Heimtextil. Along with hand towels in 15 strong colours, the new collection also comprises bathrobes in five colours.

Sandra Kreß

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