Velvet Jet by Bordeaux: One Ink for all Digital Textile Printing

Digital printing is a relatively new technology in the textile market, but it offers multiple benefits to the traditional textile printing process. However, it is often linked to a complex printing process. There are specific inks, specifics treatments and machinery needed for different types of fabrics. When it comes to fabrics, each individual kind needs its own ink. However, the fabrics being used in the textile printing industry are so diverse that there could be thousands of textile types used. So how can you simplify the printing process? For the first time exhibitor Velvet Jet by Bordeaux the answer lies in the ink:

In the current situation in order to print on different types of textiles, whether analog or digital, you would need different types of inks. Each ink is suitable for different types of fabric. On top of the printing quality, the printer must ensure the stability of the ink on the fabric including wash and rub resistance as well as non-fading qualities essential for long term use. This is why the company has introduced their newest water based pigmented ink which is capable of printing on all fabrics. The pigment ink allows printing on all fabric types in one simple process, with equal quality, creating a wide range of possibilities for the fashion, apparel, decorative and industrial textile applications. This ink binds to all fabrics and it can even print on blended fabrics thus removing all textile printing barriers and opening new printing applications. The Velvet Jet ink has been tested on cotton, polyester, silk, rayon, viscose, and many other fabrics, as well as different blends of these fabrics, all with outstanding print results. In addition to the large variety of standard clothing fabrics, Velvet Jet was also tested on leather and synthetic leather (PU) and produced the same quality print results. This opens new markets for use with textile ink apart from garments. The home décor and furnishing industries can now produce custom made and limited addition lines in an effort to stand out from the competition.

As part of the “European Digital Textile Conference” Velvet Jet by Bordeaux Marketing Director Guy Evron will be holding a presentation called “Revolutionizing Digital Textile Printing: Introducing One Ink for all Fabrics” at 1:40 p.m. on 12 January. Read the Interview with him already on our Heimtextil blog.

Visit Velvet Jet by Bordeaux at Heimtextil in Hall 4.0 Stand G31

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