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The headquarters of Eumetsat in Darmstadt seen from the perspective of the galaxy

The headquarters of Eumetsat in Darmstadt seen from the perspective of the galaxy

The weather experts at Eumetsat in Darmstadt walk on a “heavenly” floor covering

The weather report at the end of the news provides some of the most important daily information: sun, rain, warmth and cold decide what people wear, what they do and how good they feel. The European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (Eumetsat) currently provides the basic information for national weather forecasts to 22 European member states. These weather services rely on information provided by Darmstadt 24 hours a day. Eumetsat, in turn, gets the necessary information directly from space. The organisation operates its weather satellites where, at night, the stars shine.

View of the heavens and view of the carpet

View of the heavens and view of the carpet

As far as the interior design was concerned, therefore, the question was, how can such a link be presented visually. The solution lay in the choice of floor-covering. Those responsible decided on “Galaxy” and “Stars”.

“Galaxy” with its black and white speckles on a dark blue background, offers the desired visual effect and reminds us of the sky at night,” explains Heinz Rath, Consultant for commercial applications, Object Carpet. “This is the link with the company, a company which is involved in working in space. What is more, this carpet is very hard-wearing, which is an essential consideration, given a workforce of some 400 people and large numbers of visitors.”
Staff walk on “Galaxy” to their offices, meeting rooms and to the two “mission control centres”. VIPs, who come to watch rocket launches in the Briefing Room have a different design beneath their feet, called “Stars”, making the link with the universe even more impressively unequivocal.

Just like “Galaxy”, “Stars” too is hard-wearing, for the main constituent of the printed tufting velours is Antron Carpet Fibre by Invista.

This means that, on the one hand, the carpet is robust and, on the other, it has properties which make it easy to clean. According to the manufacturer, providing the carpet is properly looked after, the resilience of the polyamide 6.6 fibres also protects against matting and worn tracks in the carpet. And because it incorporates a second textile backing, the thick velours has a positive effect on the atmosphere, the acoustics and the climate in the room. “The EUMETSAT project was a real challenge, because we had to take into account both the design ideas and the practical considerations, and this led to some hard decisions having to be taken. In the end, however, everyone was satisfied,” adds Rath.
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Photos 1 and 2 © EUMETSAT/INVISTA

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