Wall coverings: making walls more attractive


Wall papers: anything but boring.

This year’s Heimtextil saw a continuation of the triumphal advance by wall coverings. Derided as old fashioned just a few years ago, they have developed into a trendy and extremely desirable design element. And this is hardly surprising because consumers have seen that wall coverings enable them to make significant atmospheric changes to a room with relatively little effort. The spectrum of patterns at the fair was bigger than ever before.

Wall paper designs range from fine craquelé motifs, via extraordinarily imaginative geometrical designs and modernised classical motifs, to ethnic art, from wallpaper with enchanting, blurred colourways to big, bright mural-like decors. Incidentally, golden times are coming for walls: many patterns shimmer in gentle shades of gold, silver or copper, which give the wallpaper an aristocratic touch or tongue-in-cheek palace appeal. More and more designs have slight or pronounced relief structures and they give the wall a sophisticated plasticity. Frequently, nature is the prototype – in the form of blossoms, vines, bark, stones, wood or crocodile leather. Additionally, some manufacturers use natural yarns on the surface of the product. Water hyacinths and banana leaves were also to be seen. Some Heimtextil exhibitors also offered wall paint to match some of the wall coverings.

Stefan Jakob

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