Well tucked up for a good night’s sleep

Where can I find the perfect bed quilt? Let the

Where can I find the perfect bed quilt? Let the “Schlafkampagne” (Sleep campaign”) inspire you.

Here we are again; winter’s back! As soon as the rain and snow start, as soon as it gets dank, cold and dark outside, our own homes appear in a whole different light. Whether we arrive home tired out from work or from a long walk in the open air, we want things to be comfortable – not only when we get back, but all night long in our beds; we all want to snuggle up in our cosy warm bed quilt.

In many parts of Germany, it doesn’t get really cold until the beginning of January, so that Heimtextil takes place at an ideal time to help us find our way around in the jungle of bed quilts and duvets. For example, we shall be taking a look at Traumina from Renchen and SpessartTraum GmbH from Gemünden. Both are basing their futures on development work and manufacture in Germany, on tradition and experience, as well as their desire to keep on improving the quality of sleep for their customers.

And it’s all about the little things. It can make a lot of difference if you know that we sleep differently under down than under natural wool and I feel more secure and have a better understanding of sleep if I know why that is the case.  Just using a quilt or a duvet does not guarantee that you will be adequately covered; given that the material and the workmanship are of a good standard, it is often difficult to make recommendations because every human being is different. This is an observation that is as important as it is banal.

Many companies, like, indeed, Traumina and SpessartTraum (with their SchlafStil label) have created their own so-called ‘classes of warmth’ and classified their bed coverings accordingly. If retailers know that I tend to get hot easily or be very sensitive to the cold, then this classification gives them something to hang on to initially, and they then more easily limit the selection of suitable bed coverings. Next comes a consideration of my height; the optimum duvet is at least 10 centimetres longer than me. After all, I don’t want to get cold feet!  For a long time now, it has been a matter of course for these manufacturers – and indeed most of the others – to sell all their different lines of duvets and quilts in various (standard) sizes; sometimes, it has even been possible to get them made in special sizes.

We are not expecting revolutions at Heimtextil 2014. That would be naive. Bed quilts in their various manifestations have long been a well tried and tested product. Instead, on the information stand at 8.0 D77, we, the ‘sleep campaign’ team, shall ourselves be communicating directly with wholesalers and retailers, with industry and with consumers, regarding the most important standards for advice, using ten questions for the sales staff, and important information about materials, via our ‘display of touch sensations’ (‘Fühltheke’). Moreover, we are fascinated to find out about all the little new ideas and developments, those tiny steps that can mean such a lot.

In the research, we shall be taking note of the origin of the materials and the appropriate transparency that goes with this, for at a time of great diversity and generally high quality, this is one of the main things that the customer would like to be convinced of.

Gerrit Wustmann

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