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Filmic examples for the Heimtextil Trend ‘Escape Reality’

The potential for virtual and extended realities blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Human beings can also escape from their everyday lives, by creating futuristic worlds for themselves. The interaction with technology, which makes possible more in-depth and lasting experiences in our day-to-day lives, is also capable of creating digital tangibility. The first examples of this development are mostly to be found in film design.

The plunge into a virtual universe
Designers continue to pursue the notion of ‘digital tangibility’ in projects such as ‘Fields Second Nature: Hidden Layer’. This short film investigates what it might be like to be a human in an ‘augmented reality’ and to ask questions about identity in a future of synthetic realities. The film invites us, not only to observe the female protagonist, but to look at things from her perspective. Retailers try to attract the attention of consumers and seek opportunities to make their brands come alive in digital space – which is where customers first make contact with products.

Fields Second Nature: Hidden Layer ©Heimtextil Trend Book

Optical dimensions and new sensibilities
Another example of completely new worlds of experience is to be found in Lucy Hardcastle’s hypnotically vertiginous ‘freedom-to-move’ film for Adidas, which seeks to create the sensory awareness of Adidas Warp Knit Seamless technology in three dimensions. A visual synthesis of innovative material and human experience, which takes us on a sensory journey full of powerful impressions, using the latest animation techniques and software. Lucy Hardcastle has a background in textiles and has, amongst other things, designed the key visuals for the upcoming season’s macro trends for the ‘Trend Space’ at Heimtextil 2019/20. Her work blurs the boundaries between computer graphics, printed textiles and photorealism, picking up on the balance between human handiwork and perfected perfection.

Further information on the ‘Escape Reality’ trend is available in the ‘Trend Space’, Hall 3.0.

Stefan Jakob

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