What makes a good duvet?


An overview in terms of healthy, innovative bedding supplies for Heimtextil hall 8.

Light and airy in the summer, warm and snuggly in the winter, that is the definition of the perfect duvet. This is easy to say, but for many people the search amongst the plethora of duvets on offer for the right one for them will end in vain. A bed is the nest to which we return each day. To enjoy sleep everything needs to be right. Sleep is lifestyle – and hardly ever before has it been possible to design sleep as individually as it is today. An overview in terms of healthy, innovative bedding supplies for Heimtextil hall 8 with the best booking status for years.

But what makes a good duvet? What is the customer looking for and how do you best grab his or her attention. Are natural fibres the ‘non plus ultra’ or is it wool, silk or artificial fibres? Does a down duvet still provide the ultimate sensation or are people already uneasy in their mistrust of the ratio of down to feathers or their fear that the material may have been plucked live. This last point must not be underestimated. Awareness of sustainability, ecology and animal protection is increasing dramatically. This is an extremely positive development, yet it also raises new challenges for industry and retail.

Customers have long since learned that innovation is not everything it is said to be. Surveys tell us that people tend to be conservative particularly in the way they design their intimate surroundings (of which the bedroom is the centre). They want to be on the safe side. Clearly: when in bed you want to feel protected. So how protected do you feel under a duvet that, whilst it is really comfortable and snuggly, leaves a nagging doubt because you do not know where the raw materials come from? The customer wants to be able to trust the product and that requires maximum transparency. Honest, helpful assistance is required. Perhaps you perspire in bed and need a light duvet even for the winter. Or perhaps until now you have slept under what is for you the wrong material. Differentiation into different warmth categories is still quite a new idea and a good place to start. However in depth understanding of the sleeping environment is also needed. What is the point of a breathable, light duvet when the mattress is hermetically sealed or the bedroom is badly aired?

You have to see the complete picture and look how the individual elements are brought together. The more the final customer knows about what he or she needs, the better the products will become and the greater the satisfaction will be on all sides. When I wake up refreshed having generally felt good all night and I am completely relaxed in the morning, only then do I know that I have made the right choice and have found the duvet that is perfect for me.

Gerrit Wustmann

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