Wool, water, soap and elbow grease: felt design

Made by heart: the products from The Soft World  
by Beatrice Waanders, Netherlands

There are products that do more than keep our feet and shoulders safe from chill, they warm the heart. With her company The Soft World, Beatrice Waanders makes infinitely touchable and woolly soft creations that radiate a cosy and warm living ambiance. The manufacturing plant housed in an old school in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, uses a wide variety of different types of wool from rare sheep breeds and other materials, including angora, mohair, alpaca and silk, to create the most superb collections in felt for interior decorating, for both private residences as well as public buildings and hotels. With its plaids, cushion covers, stools, rugs and curtain fabrics all made by hand, The Soft World also makes individual one-off pieces out of felt.

The production process is 100% ecological; no chemicals or dyes are used. The colours of the extraordinary felt pieces are the result of nothing but the animals’ natural coats and how they combine with one another. Beatrice Waanders finds her wool suppliers herself and the lion’s share is from Holland, from a sheep farm located nearby to be precise. The felt designer dubs her way of working “slow design” and it is important to her to impart this sense of slowness with every piece in her collection. Sustainable comfort with a pronounced aesthetic statement made in Holland: at Heimtextil 2013, Beatrice Waanders is showcasing her versatile felt products from The Soft World in Hall 11.1.

Beatrice Waanders: Felt Designer

Beatrice Waanders (1970) graduated from Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam with a degree in interior decorating, design and material design. Her years of work as an interior designer for clients such as the Dutch Foreign Ministry allowed her to decorate countless residences and consulates. In 2007, Beatrice Waanders transitioned to home textiles. The Soft World has been on the market since 2008.

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